FIFA 21 – Did You Get Your Player Days Rewards?

FIFA 21 Player Days is a recurring Ultimate Team program that allows players to get rewards. Past editions featured special promo squads but these were missing from the 2021 event. The current event has Squad Building Challenges and free packs. Another difference is that the Player Days event was not announced beforehand. A loading screen served as a notification that Player Days were about to begin. This happened an hour before the event started. FIFA 21 Player Days rewards players’ loyalty. They get free packs depending on how many days they have logged in the game since its launch last year. There are four reward tiers. The first one gave a jumbo premium gold pack to those players that have logged in for at least 60 days. If you have between 61 and 115 days in the game, you will get a prime gold players pack. A rare mega pack is reserved for those who have logged between 116 and 137 days. The fourth tier has an ultimate pack as a reward. It is for those who’ve counted between 138 and 141 days since launch.

FIFA 21 Player Days features special content in the form of SBCs and Objectives. The SBC features an 81+ OVR player pick. This activity gave players the chance to exchange a team for two of six rare gold item cards that have at least 81 OVR. We also have Player Days Objectives. There are four of them. They allow players to get a rare player pack of at least 75 OVR that cannot be traded. Mertens is an item card available as a reward. It’s an 89 OVR center forward with 90 pacing, 91 shooting, 84 passing, 91 dribbling, 38 defending, and 57 physical. Don’t forget to check out the in-game store during this event. Some FUT packs are available for a discounted price. You can buy premium gold players and mega packs for 50% off.

FIFA Ultimate Team Player Days is a loyalty program that originated with FIFA 19. The first promo included special cards such as in-form Eden Hazard and Neymar available in packs. The login rewards included coins, kits, and packs. The second program edition honored the beginning of the Conmebol Libertadores. It featured a squad with more than 30 player item cards and special content.

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