How To Helping Customer Services?

Webull is one of the trading platforms that is offering real-time market data. Webull is the latest online broker that is focusing on commission-free trading. Webull is one of the targeting technical traders. This app is focusing not only on commission-free trades but it has a large amount of technical research for individuals looking to trade stocks. Webull is not rated for customer service. Webull will be included in 2021 testing. This help center is currently offering email support, live chat support, and limited phone support. Webull traders are accessing the platform’s comprehensive suite of research and analysis tools.

  • Watchlists

You can review data for any stock on the platform with watchlists, with a separate list for stocks you are actively invested in. Your watchlist is monitoring key metrics for stocks you select, including price, volume, market movement, and more. It is adding stocks to your watchlist by symbol or name, and view your picks in a list or grid format.

  • Charts

Clicking a stock in your watchlist opens the stock chart. Set volume or price alerts and view data as a line, area, candle, hollow candle, baseline, Heikin Ashi, bar, or colored bar graph. Time intervals are ranging from one minute to a year. The drawing tool is providing trendlines, polylines, rays, parallels, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci extension, and more. Available indicators are including:

  • Alligator
  • BOLL
  • DC
  • EMA
  • IC
  • KC
  • MA
  • Pivot Point
  • SAR
  • SuperTrend
  • VWAP

Key statistics are covering highs, lows, dividend yields, financial forecasts, and press releases. It is adding multiple stocks that are compared to your options. It is used the notes tool to attach noteworthy findings to your watchlist.

  • Markets

Monitor data in four primary market tabs are covering global, US, Hong Kong, and cryptos. Cryptos are offering a list of 15 cryptocurrencies on the Bitfinex exchange. The Global tab is offering worldwide index and forex stats. These tabs are providing index data as well as net inflow, rankings, trends, and market news.

  • Screener

Create your screener is including market caps, prices, percent changes, volume, turnover rates, and listing dates.

  • Paper trading

Practice trading is used online for free without investing any money. It is a demo account where you can practice hypothetical trades based on real market data. Buy and sell stocks are monitoring your buying power, and track daily profits and losses.

Moreover, you can check NASDAQ TotalView cost before you use it for stock trading.