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The idea of beating the casino can sometimes make you so frustrated. Many different websites for online casino games allow you to play for free and make money as your prize. That Scorsese tried to give a Vegas-styled sensory assault is also supported by the audio-visual contrast between the Vegas scenes and other locations, such as Kansas City. Presumably, Scorsese was shooting for something like a sensory assault since that’s what you get in Vegas. While I like the songs–I’ve owned the CD since it came out, and I listen to it often enough–and the songs can help set the mood for some scenes, they become a bit too incessant and overbearing for the story after awhile.

That’s a bit too long for the story being told. A bit of ebb and flow with the music, 918 kiss and music better correlated to the drama, would have worked even better. All the material is necessary to the story, but it could have been tightened up a lot more. Scorsese’s directorial style likewise evolves from the fast-cut documentary approach to something more conventional. It begins to approach the dreaded “mixtape” mentality, where the songs are just there because the director wanted to share some bitchin’ tunes that he likes a lot. There is also a graphical interface bordering the stream where the bets and other relevant information are displayed, which you can customize to your liking.

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