Shaved Monstercock for my wife

My wife Pauline and I have been estranged. I was especially hard to live with my habits and peculiarities. I loved Pauline after she left me for an Army colleague. I hadn’t seen her for three years when I ran into her with John Captain at a Chinese restaurant. She was brilliant. She had a white miniskirt and matching halter tops, making her boobs look big. Her pretty high heel sandals tap hit the floor. Pauline’s legs were gorgeous, long and supple. Then I realized how much he loved him and missed her.

The blissful sex of our six-year couple was always right. She had a rest in bed and loved to suck cock. She was the epitome of cleanliness and always kept her hair free. I noticed her from afar and ordered a double scotch, thinking she might have met me. Seeing her snuggle up, I was jealous because she was virtually over him.

I drowned in Scotch when I swallowed the fourth drink when I was annoyed by the loud noise, and I don’t know how I spent the next hour. Pauline was seated in a chair, and John walked. He slapped her. I was mad. He was only a few feet away from me, and I stood up and pushed him. “Pete Miller does nothing. Otherwise, I will crush you like your woman’s wife. I caught her as another man.”

I overtook him and walked carefully towards Pauline. I didn’t know how to meet him, but I think even the person who disliked it was happy to see his familiar face. Tears were running down her face when she protested innocently. “John is a liar, no lover. Craig is my friend.” I comforted her, but holding my wife in my arms again felt magnetic. “Pauline, take you to your apartment,” I said, and I saw her at ease.

We drove silently to her apartment, and she called me a cup of coffee. I asked her for the drink she had and sat on the sofa next to her. I stroked her cheek and sighed. She made a slap in my hand and muttered. I put my arm under my neck and raised her towards me. This caused some of her blouse to fall off, rewarding her with a luscious view of her white breasts pushed up by a cotton bra. I felt my pants shake.

My cock was reacting as I leaned forward and kissed her and slowly took off her top and skirt. I was shocked to see her body. Where there was previously no hair on her hairless body was abundant growth of hair. Her pussy was astonished as the shaggy black hair spread from below the navel like a carpet and disappeared into a thick rug between the thighs. She raised her arms and showed me the hairiest armpit I have ever seen. Black bristles popped out of my unshaven armpit. “Wow,” I said. Why are you not shaving your armpits or trimming your pubic hair? “

Pauline looked at me a little ashamedly, “John liked his woman’s beard, so he kept me on his beard and hadn’t shaved his armpit or cat’s hair for the last three years.”

“Well, you’re no longer a shaved private Miller, you’re an unshaved private part, Miller,” I laughed at my joke. “But I have to say I like your hairy look. It looks sexy indeed,” I said when I touched her furry black hair.

We were now naked, and she got on me the way she liked to have her chest rub my thighs and chest when she came over me. She reached between her legs and grabbed my hard cock with her fingers. She swung the beard slit up and down quickly. She made a low moan when my sting contacted the clitoris. A small but mighty orgasm gripped her, causing her body to stiffen and quiver. “Hmm” she sighed as she guided the tip of my cock towards the warm dampness of her bushy woman. “Oh, yes!” She took me to every corner of my body to her hairy cunt and cried when I sunk into me.

She started moving up and down, grabbing my cock deep inside her as she stuck into it. Clutching her chest with her hands, I leaned forward and licked the long hair protruding from her armpit. For the first time, I beat my abundant coarse hair with her tongue under her lush armpits, so it was very erotic. “Oh yeah! Lick them! Like John. He even sticks his monster cock under my unshaved armpit,” she moaned.

I increased my pace and started moving my body so fast if Pauline wanted it. I turned around and ran on her. I’m sure she tried to smash me as early as in the evening as if to take revenge for what happened to her. The sound of a pelvic collision filled the room as I was pushing all 10 inches of my monster cock into her hairy body. She was yelling at every thrust as I felt like I was trying to open her bust as I was fucking her profoundly and deeply. “Oh, me, me, me, me, me, fuck me. Take me a hairy pussy.

I pull her huge armpit lock. It feels very rough when running a finger over its entire length under the furry armpit. “John always feels good,” Pauline says aloud as my hands roam freely in the underarm forest.

“It feels good. Oh, it’s terrific.” I groan as I crawl into the woods on my side. All the long bushy hair of her mons is wet, and the untrimmed jungle between her legs as my mouth moves into the hairy bush of her full unshaved pit.

She pushed me away, grabbed my cock and took it to her mouth. She loved blowjob because I grabbed both sides of her head and forced my dick into her mouth. I was holding her head in the hands and fucking her face obscenely. Her mouth was inhumanly stretched, with a strange glow in her eyes.

She had my cock almost entirely in the mouth and was the only woman who could swallow my shaft length when she dangled my shaft in her throat. Sweat was flowing from the underarms of the mat, and sweat was dripping on the underarms. She slipped on my cock as she took it out and ran her tongue along the vein of the shaft. She then took it out and examined it as if it were a John’s stab.

Her soft, warm fists returned to the base, a moist pink tongue fled from her lips, and a wave of joy flooded me, wrapping Satiny’s head. I moved my hips and started fucking her mouth, so she even tilted my big cock and started fucking her mouth.

Pauline calmly, but with emotional urgency, “Oh God, please give me everywhere… I need your cum very much.” Feeling that he was about to ejaculate, the ball began to eject a large amount of ejaculation. Her tongue lovingly licks the end of my cum from the tip of my huge cock.

I looked at her while we fluttered on the sofa, asked me to come back to her and I added a fair amount “I like your bearded look, so I haven’t shaved my private Miller’s back.